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Assign a Weight to a Factor

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Version 6.0
<p>A ''weight'' in impact scoring is a value that signifies the importance of a particular factor in the analysis. The weight of a factor is used to calculate the score of the factor in the scenario. There are no limitations on the values that you enter for the weights. Weights can be integers (1, 3, 4…) or decimals in tenths or hundredths (1.3, 2.34, 3.05…). If you would like to ignore a factor in a particular scenario, you can assign that factor a weight of 0. Weights can be negative to accommodate factors such as ''Education Conducted'' that would reduce the impact score.</p>
<p>To add a weight to a factor in a scenarioin the Impact Scoring Template window:</p>
<li>Double click the cell for the factor that you would like to enter a weight.</li>

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