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Data Entry Forms

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Version 6.0
Data entry forms are used to collect mine action data such as accidents and victims, assistance, land, activities, locations, education activities, and quality management information. The figure below illustrates the typical progression of a data entry form in IMSMA.
[[Image:fig39.png|center|500px|''Data Entry Form Process'']]
The Data Entry Form Templates window contains two sections:
*A filter section for limiting the list of data displayed – You can filter the data displayed in the table by selecting a filter from the list and entering a filter value. Data entry form templates passing the filter are listed in the table. Click the '''Show All''' button to see all templates.
*A table for the data – By default, the table displays all data entry form templates in IMSMA. To change the sort order of the data, click the column header associated with the attribute on which you would like to sort the data.

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