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Using Data Entry Forms

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Version 6.0
{{note| Enter points of polygons or polylines in the order they should be drawn in. Indicate the sequence in the Point No. field.}}
To retrieve geographic coordinates from your map, click [[File:GeoDataIcon.png|20px]]on the Point and Polygon/Polyline List window. The following toolbar displays. See [[Draw on the Map to Specify Geographic Coordinates]] for more information.
[[File:Retrieve 2.png|440px|]]
{{note| Geographic coordinates that are drawn on the map will use the coordinate system and format that is specified in the Point and Polygon/Polyline List window even if the map is projected to another coordinate system and/or format.[[File:WGS84.png|440px|]]}}
[[File:WGS84.png|440px|]] To import polygons and polylines from an Excel spreadsheetor Shapefile, click [[File:Import.png|20px|<span title=""></span>]]. See [[Import Geospatial Data from Excel]] and [[Import Geospatial Data from Shapefile]] for more information.
{{note| Ensure that the spreadsheet displays the following columns and data.

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