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Use the Data Entry Form Editor Window

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Version 6.0
| [[File:Pencil_for_points.png]] || This button displays if the Data Entry Form requests [[Enter Geospatial Data in the Data Entry Form|geospatial information]].
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| '''Approve''' || Removes the Data Entry Form from the Workbench. After a Data Entry Form has been approved, it can no longer be changed. An approved Data Entry Form can be viewed from the Location Summary and Item Summary windows. Note that you must have access to the FieldReport Data Entry Form Approve permission. In order to approve a Data Entry Form, it must have a location assigned to it and all items in the Data Entry Form must be reconciled.
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| '''Reject''' || Saves the Data Entry Form to the Workbench with a Rejected status. Note that you must have access to the Data Entry Form Reject permission.

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