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Upgrade from 5.08.04 to 6.0 process

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Start the tool by clicking on C:\IMSMAng\ext\CalcAreaMigration\run.bat.
Click on the OK button
Click on the OK button, note that this is the database user imsma, not the application user imsma
Click on the Start button.
A report will be given at the end. This will show how many objects were updated, processing time, number of failures, and a detailed report of failures with error messages and object id. This report will also be saved automatically to a file under a "reports" subfolder.
The re-calculation can be cancelled by the user at any time. The next time it is run, the re-calculation will pick up from the last non-completed table. All tables have to be re-calculated before continuing with the next step.
===Save the published templates as files===__NOEDITSECTION__

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