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Understanding Configuration Options

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The IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> server stores data and manages much of the data processing. The server has two main parts, the datastore and the business layer. The datastore is where data is stored for retrieval by the IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> client. IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> uses a MySQL PostGreSQL relational database to store data on the server. Additionally, IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> stores other data including attachments and some configuration files on the server in file format. The MySQL PostGreSQL database is accessible via a variety of database access tools designed for browsing relational databases.
{{warning|While the database contains many relational database constraints designed to preserve data integrity, all updates of data should be handled through the business layer rather than with direct SQL updates in order to maintain integrity. Failure to do so will likely cause data corruption or loss}}

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