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Data quality checks before upgrading to V6.0

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|[[Space coordinates]]
|[[MGRS coordinates]]
|[[Coordinate display rules]]
|[[Point ID Length]]
|[[Missing approval information]]
|[[Missing Date of Information]]
|[[Missing Local ID]]
|[[SQL Templates|Templates]]
|[[DIM Categories]]
|[[Enum categories and values]]
|[[CDF display format]]
|[[CDF missing in field]]
|[[Duplicate CDF]]
|[[CDF not used]]
|[[Empty CDF]]
|[[Duplicate allow value]]
|[[Link invalid date]]
|[[Country structure orphans]]
|[[Country structure duplicates]]
|[[SQL Saved search Duplicate ID|Saved search Duplicates]]
|[[SQL Saved search No geo data|Saved search No geo data]]
|[[SQL Saved search No links|Saved search No links]]
|[[SQL Saved search Different Location|Saved search Different Location]]
|[[SQL Saved search Task|Saved search Task]]
|[[SQL Saved search MA quality|Saved search MA quality]]
It was not possible to upgrade to V5.08.04 if there are invalid coordinates in the database. Please run this SQL [[Coordinate display rules|query]] anyhow because importing may overrun application rules. If you get any rows here, you have more SQL queries that will identify which object has the invalid coordinates in “Invalid_coordinates_ver2.doc” on PI.

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