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IMSMA Navigation Window

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===IMSMA Navigation window===
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====Menu toolbar====
The menu toolbar displays at the top of the IMSMA Navigation window ([[:Image:fig10.png|Figure 10]]). The IMSMA menu options available to you will depend on your permissions. Menu options to which you do not have access will be dimmed.
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====Country structure pane====
The country structure pane lists the local country structure areas. After you log in, the first- and second-level country structures display in the country structure pane. You can select a country structure area from the list to display on the map and in the items tabs.
If a country structure area contains country structure areas within it, the <!-- plus icon here -->icon displays to the left of the country structure name. The icon indicates that lower-level country structure areas are hidden from view in the country structure pane. The <!-- minus icon here -->icon indicates that the lower-level country structure areas are displayed.
====Items Pane====

Navigation menu