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IMSMA Navigation Window

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Version 6.0
In addition to the menu and three panes, the IMSMA Navigation window has a status bar which is located at the bottom of the IMSMA Navigation window below the items pane.
{{note|To work around this issue (these steps are for Windows 7, and might be slightly different for other versions of Windows):
#From the Windows start menu, select '''Control Panel'''.
#Click '''System and Security'''.
#Click '''System'''.
#Click '''Advanced system settings'''.
#Select the '''Advanced''' tab on the System Properties window.
#Click the '''Settings''' button under Performance.
#Uncheck the '''Show window contents while dragging checkbox'''.
#Click the '''OK''' button to close the Performance Options window.
#Click the '''OK''' button to close the System Properties window.
{{NavBox HowTo Viewing and Browsing}}

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