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Manage Report Templates in IMSMA

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Version 6.0
| [[Image:SunglassesIcon.png | Preview]] || Allows you to preview a report template. This will preview the layout, but no data will be included.
| [[Image:BareEditButton.png | Edit]] || Allows you to update the existing report template, for example for assigning it a new name, or changing the .jrxml template file. If you change the .jrxml template file, it has to be changed to a template that uses the same type, that is, you cannot go change from a "Location" report to a "Land" report.
| [[Image:BareDeleteButton.png | Delete]] || Allows you to delete a report template. You can only delete a report template if there is no report in IMSMA building on that template, because then the report would get unusable. Therefore, if you really would like to delete a template, you have to first delete all the associated reports.

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