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Add Form Elements to the Design Pane

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All objects on the data entry form template are considered elements. Elements include, but are not limited to, labels, text fields, tables, option values, lines, text areas, and date selection tools. The following sections describe the procedures for adding elements to the data entry form template. ===How to Add Report Elements===__NOEDITSECTION__There are several data report elements that can be used across all data entry form templates. These data report elements can be found in the Uncategorised folder immediately below the Available IMSMA Data Elements folder in the Data Entry Form Template Designer window's Source Tree pane:
::*Date of Information – Used to determine whether data in the data entry form should overwrite the existing data for the item. Data in the data entry form will overwrite data in data entry forms that have an older Date of Report.
::*Form ID – If your site has a method for identifying data entry forms, you can use this field to enter the form identifier.

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