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Start and Configure iReport

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Version 6.0
iReport is installed with IMSMA and may be started via the IMSMA Tray Launcher. To start iReport:
<li>Ensure that the IMSMA server is started.</li>
<li>Right-click the '''IMSMA Control Centre''' icon that is displayed in the lower, right corner of your Windows’ desktop.</li>
<li>Select the '''iReport''' option.</li><li>Select the '''Start iReportIReport''' option.</li>
To set the compilation directory:
<li>From the '''OptionsTools''' menu, select '''SettingsOptions'''.</li>
:The iReport – Options window displays the General tab.
<li>Select the '''CompilerCompilation and execution''' tab.</li><li>Check the '''Use Reports Report Directory to Compile''' checkbox.</li><li>Click the '''SaveOK''' button.</li>
:The iReport – Options window closes.
To import the data sources that are available for IMSMA:
<ol start="5">
<li>From the Data menuiReports toolbar, select Connection/Data Sourcesclick the Report Datasources icon, [[Image:Connection_datasources.png]].</li>
:The Connections/Datasources window displays.
<li>Click the '''Import''' button.</li>

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