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Data Inventory Manager

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The next step in setting up {{IMSMANG}} is to customise the data elements that are tracked. Using the information about additional data fields documented in Chapter 1, information managers can begin modifying existing data fields and creating CDFs. The objective of this step is to ensure that all data elements necessary for programme operations are available in {{IMSMANG}}. This step must be completed prior to designing forms for data entry so that these changes are reflected on the data entry forms. {{IMSMANG}} does not automatically change data entry forms when data elements are changed.
Using the {{IMSMANG}} Data Inventory Manager, information managers can create new data elements or modify existing elements to map to their programme’s information needs. Because {{IMSMANG}} comes with more than 1,000 data elements in its initial configuration, it is important to review these elements to determine if these adequately address the data entry needs of the programme. Where there are elements that are not included in the initial configurations, information managers can use the Data Inventory Manager to create them.

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