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;ArcGIS: It is a software suite developed by ESRI Inc. IMSMA incorporates the ArcGIS Engine to display the geographical data in the map pane.
;CCM: Convention on Cluster Munitions
;CCW: Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
;Centroid: The geometric center of a feature. For line, polygon, or three-dimensional features, it is the center of mass (or center of gravity) and may fall inside the feature or outside the feature.
;CHA: Confirmed Hazardous Area
;EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal;ERW: Explosive Remnants of War
;IDP: Internally Displaced Person
;IMSMA: Information Management System for Mine Action
;IMAS: International Mine Action Standards
;MBT: Mine Ban Treaty
;MINT: Mine action INTelligence tool
;MIQ: Mine action Information management Qualification
;UN: United Nations
;UXO: Unexploded Ordnance

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