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! Refer to…
| Manually add geospatial points and polygone/polyline points| ''[[Manual Geospatial Data#How To Manually Add a Entry |Manual Geospatial Point | How to manually add a geospatial pointData Entry]].''
| Manually add Draw on the map to specify point, polygon , and polyline pointscoordinates| ''[[Geospatial Retrieve Geographic Coordinates from the Map in the Data#How To Manually Add Polygon and Polyline Points Entry Form | How to manually add polygon and polyline pointsdraw on the map to specify point coordinates]].''
| Draw on the map to specify point, polygon, and polyline coordinatesImport geospatial data from excel| ''[[Import Geospatial Data#How To Draw On The Map To Specify Point Coordinates from Excel| How to draw on the map to specify point coordinatesImport Geospatial Data from Excel]].''
| Import geospatial datafrom shapefile| ''[[Import Geospatial Data#How To from Shapefile| Import Geospatial Data | Importing geospatial data for a polyline or polygonfrom Shapefile]].''

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