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Map Pane

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=={{HowTo's|[[Drop a Visual Pin on the Map]]|[[Identify Objects on the Map]]|[[Change the Map Projection]]|[[Change the Coordinate Reference System Display]]|[[Control the Coordinate Display]]|[[Refresh the Map Pane==__NOEDITSECTION__]]|[[Map Display Window]]|[[Symbology]]|[[Change the Display Order of IMSMA Themes]]|[[Customise Sub-Themes]]}}The map pane displays on the right side of the IMSMA Navigation window.The Map Pane interacts with the [[Country Structure Pane]] and may be centered in two different ways:# if a map extent has been specified for the Country structure then the map will be centered based on the set map extent# if there is no map extent set then the geopoint number 1 is used. If none of the above is available for the Country structure, the Map pane will not change the extent. 
[[Image:MapPane.png|center|500px|''Map Pane'']]
''Map Pane''
The items' geographical data will be shown in the map pane if
# a IMSMA theme has been activated by [[Enable an IMSMA Theme]] or [[Explore the Toolbars#IMSMA themes toolbar|IMSMA themes toolbar]] and
# one of the [[Display Items in Map Pane]] functions has been activated.
Read more on how to design the template used for map print out '''[[Printing the Map in IMSMANG | here]]'''.
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