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Install IMSMANG Version 6

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==Part 6. ArcEngine LicenseVerify installation==__NOEDITSECTION__
[[Image:InstallationGuideStep8.png|center|500px|''Obtaining ArcGIS License'']]
(This section will be written when the issue is solved.) The {{IMSMANG}} installation is now complete. You may now start the server and client.==Part 7. Verify installation==__NOEDITSECTION__After installation it is important to start {{IMSMANG}} client in order to verify that the installation is complete and working.
This is especially important if the user that did the installation, e.g. an IT administrator, is not the same local user that will use {{IMSMANG}}.
Follow the these steps to start [[Starting and Stopping IMSMANG#STANDALONE INSTALLATIONS | stand-alone]] server or [[Starting and Stopping IMSMANG#CLIENT/SERVER INSTALLATIONS | start]] the client.
'''ArcEngine license error message'''

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