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Use iReport

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==Introduction to iReport==__NOEDITSECTION__
iReport Designer (also known as iReport) is a third-party application that allows you to generate custom-defined reports on IMSMA data. Using iReport, you may define the attributes that are returned by a report and also customise the appearance of the report. Report templates designed in iReport can be imported into {{IMSMANG}} and run by {{IMSMANG}} users to extract data based on search criteria. Reports can be exported to PDF, RTF, XLS, and other formats. iReport Designer version 5.0.1 is included with the {{IMSMANG}} distribution. Using iReport Designer, users create .jrxml iReport templates, a kind of xml report definition, that can be used by {{IMSMANG}} to [[I-Report_Templates|produce a formatted report]].
==iReport Basics==__NOEDITSECTION__

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