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Install IMSMANG Version 6

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The fonts '''IMSMA 2006.ttf''', '''IMSMA 2006 2.ttf''', '''IMSMA2009.ttf''' and '''IMSMA2013.ttf''' files will be installed on your computer.
If you do not have a database to restore than you should create a start-up an initial IMSMA database.
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#Press the '''[Enter]''' key.
#When prompted to press any key to continue, press a key on the keyboard.
{{ note | It is very important that you do not have any connection to the database when you create an initial database or restore a database.
The IMSMA server should not be started, no connection with PGAdmin, Navicat, iReport or OCBC sources. }}
==Part 5 Client/Server==__NOEDITSECTION__
'''ArcEngine license error message'''
[[Image:ArcEngine lic missing.png|center|300px250px]]
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If Expires is not set then right-click on IMSMA Control Center icon in the taskbar and select IMSMA Client Configuration Tool.
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