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[[Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG | '''Tasks''' ]] consist of:
* general information
* objectives
On the Objectives tab the Task manager selects which Land should be included in the [[Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG | Task]].
{{Note | Land must have status set in order to be able to include in a Task.}}
===Planning & monitoring information and Work item===__NOEDITSECTION__
It is not mandatory for the Task manager to fill in the planning and monitoring information metadata or to link each Work Item later to the reconciled and approved object that is the outcome of the [[Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG | Task]].
===Related information===__NOEDITSECTION__
On the Related information tab the Task manager may link to the [[Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG |Task ]] other objects that is either helpful for his own planning or for the planning and/or execution of the Work item for the executing organisation. On this tab all types of objects are possible to link including Ordnance and other Tasks. Note that this is only for information purposes and is not intended to as subtasks of Task.
===Geospatial information===__NOEDITSECTION__
In the General information section you link the [[Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG | Task ]] to the Country structure which makes also the Task to interact with the [[Country Structure Pane | Country structure pane]]. On the Geospatial tab it is possible to plot the geographical extent of the Task.
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