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Summarize iReport Template Data

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===Variable Expressions===
In addition to the summary functions available on the variable, specific expressions can be used in the Expression Editor to define values. For example:
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#: [[Image:IReport ChartData1.png|center|500px|''Chart Data Properties'']]<div align="center">''Chart Data Properties''</div>
# To edit the main properties of the chart, select the '''Details tab'''. Additionally, this screen can be used to edit the reset type of the chart which is relevant if the chart is displayed on a band other than the summary band.
# The '''Chart Details''' window displays
#: [[Image:IReport ChartData2.png|center|500px|''Chart Data Properties'']]<div align="center">''Chart Data Properties''</div>
# In this window, the basic properties of the chart that were established in the Chart Wizard can be edited. These include:
#* '''Key Expression''': the field used to group data for charting purposes. To change the field, simply select another field. '''Note:''' The field must be used in the creation of the variable used in the value expression or the results will be incorrect.
#* '''Value Expression''': the variable used to store the data to be displayed in the chart. If changes are made this value it is recommended to edit the variable properties as well.
#* '''Label Expression''': the area used to define the labels for the chart. Any valid expression can be used here. See [[Summarize i-Report Template Data#Variable Expressions|Variable Expressions]] for more details.
===Bar Charts===

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