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Summarize iReport Template Data

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Modify a Pie Chart
#:[[Image:iReport ChartsPreview.png|center|500px|''Preview with Chart'']]<div align="center">''Preview with chart''</div>
====Modify a Pie Chart====
Once a chart has been created in iReport Designer, its properties can be edited by selecting the '''Chart Data''' option on the right click menu and adjusting the values and properties.  To modify a pie chart:# Right click on the chart in iReport Designer and select '''Chart Data''' from the menu.# The Chart Data properties display.#: [[Image:IReport ChartData1.png|center|500px|''Chart Data Properties'']]<div align="center">''Chart Data Properties''</div># To edit the main properties of the chart, select the '''Details tab'''. Additionally, this screen can be used to edit the reset type of the chart which is relevant if the chart is displayed on a band other than the summary band.#: [[Image:IReport ChartData2.png|center|500px|''Chart Data Properties'']]<div align="center">''Chart Data Properties''</div>
===Bar Charts===

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