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Summarize iReport Template Data

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Add a Bar Chart
#Next, select the '''value expression''' that contains the desired numeric data for the chart. '''Note: This should always be one of the variables created in step 3 above''' (e.g. ''SUM_status_byAreaSize'').
#:[[Image:iReport Charts6.png|center|500px|''Select the desired value expression'']]<div align="center">''Select the desired value expression''</div>
#Choose '''Next'''.
#:[[Image:iReport Charts7.png|center|500px|''Chart Wizard Completed'']]<div align="center">''Chart Wizard Completed''</div>
# Choose '''Finish''' and the iReport template displays with the Chart.
#:[[Image:iReport Chart Bar3.png|center|500px|''iReport displays with Chart'']]<div align="center">''iReport displays with Chart''</div>

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