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Summarize iReport Template Data

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#:[[Image:iReport Charts6.png|center|500px|''Select the desired numeric variable'']]<div align="center">''Select the desired numeric variable''</div>
#Choose '''Next'''.
#:[[Image:iReport Charts7.png|center|500px|''Select the desired numeric variableChart Wizard Completed'']]<div align="center">''Select the desired numeric variableChart Wizard Completed''</div># Choose '''Finish'''and the iReport template displays with the Chart.#:[[Image:iReport Charts8.png|center|500px|''Select the desired numeric variableiReport displays with Chart'']]<div align="center">''iReport displays with Chart''</div># The report can now be previewed to ensure it is functioning as expected.#:[[Image:iReport ChartsPreview.png|center|500px|''Preview with Chart'']]<div align="center">''Select the desired numeric variablePreview with chart''</div>===Modify a Pie Chart===To modify a pie chart
 <li>The following figure is an example of the Chart Properties window for a report that contains a pie chart which graphs the total area size of land based on their priority.</li> </ol> [[Image:iRep27.png|center|500px|''Figure 27. Chart Properties'']]<div align="center">''Figure 27. Chart Properties''</div> <ol start="17"><li>Click the '''Close''' button</li>:The Chart Properties window closes.<li>Save the report by either clicking the icon, or by selecting the '''Save''' option from the '''File''' menu.</li></ol> Below is an example of a report template that totals the area size of land by priority. [[Image:iRep28.png|center|500px|''Figure 28. Sample report template with pie chart'']]<div align="center">''Figure 28. Sample report template with pie chart''</div> The resulting report pages are shown below. [[Image:iRep29.png|center|500px|''Figure 29. Sample report with pie chart'']]<div align="center">''Figure 29. Sample report with pie chart''</div> ===Bar Charts===__NOEDITSECTION__ {{note|The sample report ''Bar Chart Sample.jrxm l''in the <iReport Installation Directory>\iReports_IMSMA\IMSMA reports directory provides an example of a report that includes a bar chart.}}
To add a bar chart to the report:

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