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Summarize iReport Template Data

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Charts provide a visual representation of the report data. Before you add a chart to your report, you should ensure that your report contains the following:
*#At least one grouping. The report groupings are used by iReport to determine what fields may be plotted. See [[Modify an iReport Template#Grouping|Modify an iReport Template]] for more information on Grouping.*#At least one variable that contains a calculation. This calculation may be a count, total, or other custom calculation. These calculated variables define the size of the chart segment. The '''Reset type''' of this calculation should be set to '''Group''' and use the report grouping defined in #1. See [[Modify_an_iReport_Template#To_add_a_variable_manually|Modify an iReport Template]] for more information on adding variables.
===Pie Chart===__NOEDITSECTION__

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