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Using the Impact Scoring Tool in IMSMANG

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The IMSMA {{IMSMANG}} impact scoring tool computes a score for locations to determine how much the location is affected by the existence of explosive ordnance. The impact scoring tool allows you to select factors—the land, education, and/or victim item attributes—you would like to evaluate. After selecting the factors, you assign weights to each factor. The weight is a numerical value that signifies the importance of the factor relative to other factors, and its effect on the impact score for the location.
The combination of factors and their weights define a scenario in the impact scoring template. You can define an unlimited number of scenarios with different factors and weights to test and compare the resulting impact scores.
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|align="left" style="padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px"|[[Image:MobilePen.png|25px|Represents a tip or note for using IMSMA{{IMSMANG}}.]]
|align="left" style="padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px"| To access the Impact Scoring Manager window, select '''Impact scoring''' from the '''Reports''' menu.
The Impact Scoring window has two panes: the available templates and the past results. From these two panes you can add, edit, or delete impact scoring templates, and open or delete saved results.    
[[Image:ImpactScoringWindow.png|center|500px|''Impact Scoring Window'']]

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