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Summarize iReport Template Data

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==Editing Summarizing Report Data==__NOEDITSECTION__
===Adding a Footer or Summary Section to the Report===__NOEDITSECTION__Totals, averages, and other summary data are typically found at the end of a grouping or at the end of a report. You may add If a section—or desired band is not visible on the iReport Designer canvas:# Select the desired band in the '''bandReport Inspector'''# In the '''Properties''' pane, change the '''Band Height''' as it is referred property to in iReport—by doing the following:something more than 0 (e.g. 50).
<ol><li>From the '''View''' menu, select '''Bands'''.</li>:The <FileName> bands… window displays. <li>Do one of the following:</li>*If you would like to add a footer at the end of a grouping, select the <''GroupAttribute''>Footer from the left pane where ''GroupAttribute'' is the name of the attribute on which the results will be grouped. For example, if you are creating a report on land and group the results by the priority, the name of the band would be priorityFooter.*If you would like to add a summary section, select ''summary'' from the left pane. <li>In the right pane, enter a numeric value in the '''Band Height''' field. The height of the section may also be adjusted later.</li><li>Click the '''Apply''' button.</li>:The section is added to the report. </ol> ===Displaying Counts===__NOEDITSECTION__
iReport has a built-in variable for calculating the number of records in a report and the number of records in each group if the report contains groups. The number of records in the report is stored in the REPORT_COUNT variable. The number of records in each group is stored in the <''GroupField''>_COUNT where GroupField is the name of the field on which the group is created.

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