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Create iReport Templates with Subreports

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Step 4 – Define Report Query for Sub-report
====Step 4 – Define Report Query for Sub-reportSubreport====
The next step is to create a report query for the sub-report subreport you just created in Step 3 to define how the IMSMA item on the Main report is related to the IMSMA item on the subreport. Typically the subreport Report Query will receive the guid from the main report via the parameter created in Step 4 and then use it to limit items in the subreport to the those linked to the main report. Below is the instructions on how to define the Report Query:
# Open the [[Modify an iReport Template#Using Report Query filters|Report Query window]]
# From the Report query window, select '''ImsmaQuery''' from the Query language list.
# Enter a Report Query filter using the parameter defined above to limit the objects according to the main report object. The most common Report Query filter would be to filter to only linked objects. For example '''''links.toGuid="$P{ItemGUID}"'''''. See In this step, the Report Query tells the subreport to return only rows that are linked to the guid of the the item in the main report via the link table below for other . Other combinations of Report Query filters to use can be used on subreportsbeyond the link table. These are documented in the Possible Subreport Relationships section below.
# Click '''OK'''. :The Report query window closes.
# Save the the subreport.
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