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Create iReport Templates with Subreports

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Step 2 – Add Sub-report to the Main report
The Main report should be created with the IMSMA item determined to be the primary data of your report. The Main report is just a basic report and can be created using the steps provided in the [[Create a Basic i-Report Template]] section.
====''Step 2 – Add Sub-report Subreport to the Main report''====
<p>A Sub-Once the main report is has been created you can add a subreport to the main report within . The intent of the subreport is to bring data from a different but related datasource into the main report. As mentioned earlierFor example, you could include Activity data on a sub-report should be created with the IMSMA Item determined as the secondary data of the reportabout Land. Below is the instructions to create a sub-report:</p>
#From On the main report, from the '''Palette''' pane, select '''Subreport''' and drag it to the desired band on the iReport template (normally this is the '''Detail''' band.
#:[[Image:IReportSubReportPalette.png|center|300px|''Subreport Palette'']]<div align="center">''Subreport Palette''</div>
# Release the button and the window below displays.
[[Image:iRepStep03.png|center|500px|''Step 3 – Add Parameter to Sub-report'']]
====Step 3 – Add Parameter to Sub-report====

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