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Create iReport Templates with Subreports

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Step 5 – Add Subreport Parameter to Main Report
We created a parameter on the sub-report to connect to the Main report in Step 4, now we need to create a parameter on the Main report as well. Below is the instructions to create the parameter you need for the Main report:
# Make sure you are at the Main report by selecting the name of the Main report from the tabs at the top of the iReport Designer canvas pane.# Select the subreport box within the Main report.#: [[Image:IReportSubReportSelection.png|center|500px|''Select the Subreport on the main report'']]<div align="center">''Select the Subreport on the main report''</div>
# On the '''Properties''' pane for the Subreport, select the '''Parameter''' selector.
#: [[Image:IReport_SubReportProperties.png|center|200px|''Subreport properties'']]<div align="center">''Subreport properties''</div>
<p>You can have multiple sub-reports in one Main report. To add more sub-reports to the Main report, just repeat Step 2 to Step 5.</p>
<p>Once you have all the sub-reports created for your Main report, you can compile and run your Main report.</p>
<p>The following section of the Advance Reports chapter discusses relationships between Items in IMSMA and also provides instructions on how to create a specific report/sub-reports.</p>
==Various Kinds of Subreports==

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