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Create iReport Templates with Subreports

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Step 4 – Define Report Query for Sub-report
| Location || Any Item with a Location|| location guid || location.guid = "$P{ItemGUID}" || Example
| Land, Activity, Accident, Victim, Assistance, Education, QM, Location || Any linked Item || item Item ''guid '' (e.g. Land guid) || links.toGuid="$P{ItemGUID}" || Example
|Activity || hazreduc_guid|| Impact survey, Interviewee, or Vegetation removal || Activity ''guid'' || hazreduc.guid = "$P{hazreduc_guidItemGUID}" || Relationship is defined as “New” to an activity during the reconciliation.
| Interviewee || interviewee_guid Question || Question interviewee ''guid'' || interviewee.guid = “$P{ interviewee_guidItemGUID}” || Relationship persisted automatically when Questions are entered for each Interviewee at Data Entry Form.
| Victim Task || victim_guid Work Item || Received Educations || victim.Task ''guid = "$P{victim_guid}" || Relationship is defined as “New” to a Victim during the reconciliation.|-| Task || task_guid || Work Item '' || task.guid = "$P{ task_guidItemGUID}" || Relationship is defined when adding a new Work Item to a Task at the Task Editor Window.
| Example || Example || Example || Example || Example
====Step 5 – Add Subreport Parameter to Main Report====__NOEDITSECTION__
<p>We created a parameter on the sub-report to connect to the Main report in Step 34, now we need to create a parameter on the Main report as well. Below is the instructions to create the parameter you need for the Main report:</p><ol type="a"><li># Make sure you are at the Main report by selecting the name of the Main report from the '''Window''' menu or double-clicking tabs at the Main report from top of the Files iReport Designer canvas pane.</li><li>Double-click # Select the sub-report subreport box within the Main report.</li>:A window displays four tabs (Common, Sub-report, Sub-report (Other)# On the '''Properties''' pane for the Subreport, and All). <li>Select select the Sub-report (Other) tab. Click '''AddParameter'''selector.</li><li>From the Add/modify parameter window#: [[Image:IReport_SubReportProperties.png|center|200px|''Subreport properties'']]</li><ol typediv align="icenter">''Subreport properties''<li/div>Enter # '''Add'“$P{object_guid}”'' for the a parameter and give it a name (e.g. ''ItemGUID'Sub-report Parameter Name')#: [[Image:IReport_SubReportParameter.png|center|200px|'' field where Add a parameter''object_guid]]<div align="center">'' is the Add a parameter name you created in Step 3 for the Sub-report. See Column B in the Table – Required Parameters for Sub-report below to determine the parameter name.''</lidiv><li>In # For the '''Default Value Expressionvalue expression''' , select the appropriate field, enter to include in the parameter. '''Normally this is ''$F{guid}'''''.#: [[Image:IReport_SubReportParameter2.png|center|200px|''Select the appropriate field'']]<div align="center">''Select the field to include in the parameter''</lidiv><li># Click '''OK''' and close the windowthe four tabsSubreport properties windows.</li></ol></ol>
[[Image:iRepStep06.png|center|500px|''Step 6 – Repeat Step 2-5 for additional sub-reports.'']]
====Step 6 – Repeat Step 2-5 for additional sub-reports.====__NOEDITSECTION__

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