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Create iReport Templates with Subreports

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[[Image:iRepStep02.png|center|500px|''Step 2 – Add Sub-report to the Main report'']]
====''Step 2 – Add Sub-report to the Main report''====__NOEDITSECTION__
<p>A Sub-report is reports a report within a report. As mentioned earlier, a sub-report should be created with the IMSMA Item determined as the secondary data of the report. Below is the instructions to create a sub-report:</p>
<ol type="a"><li>Increase #From the size of Detail section of the Main report to make room for your sub-report.</li> :'''ViewPalette''' -> pane, select '''BandsSubreport''' -> '''detail''' -> '''increase and drag it to the desired band on the iReport template (normally this is the Band Height''' -> '''ApplyDetail''' band.<li>Click the #:[[Image:iRepBandIReportSubReportPalette.png|center|300px|''Subreport Palette'']] button<div align="center">''Subreport Palette''</lidiv><li>Click # Release the detail section of the report. Hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor to create a rectangle to define the area of sub-report. Release the botton and the window below displays.</li></ol> #:[[Image:iRepBandScreenIReportSubReport1.png|center|500px|''Add Sub-report to the Main report'']] <ol type="a" start="4"><li># Click '''Next''' to define a new sub-report unless you have an existing report that you would like to use for sub-report.</li><li># Select the desired iReport Template to apply (Blank is recommended).#:[[Image:IReportSubReport2.png|center|500px|''Select the desired iReport Template'']]# Select from the '''Connection/Data Source''' list. This should be the IMSMA item determined as the secondary data of your report. For example, if you are creating a report about Land with Progress Reports, then “Activity” should be the data source for the sub-report. Click Next.</li><li>#:[[Image:IReportSubReport3.png|center|500px|''Select the desired datasource'']]# Select the attributes to be included in your sub-report. Click '''Next'''.</li><li>#:[[Image:IReportSubReport4.png|center|500px|''Select the layout optiondesired fields for the subreport'']]# Enter a name for the sub-report or use the default. Click Choose '''Next'''.</li><li>#:[[Image:IReportSubReport5.png|center|500px|''Enter a name for the sub-subreport'']] # Select '''Use the same connection use to fill master report'''. Click Finish. The sub-report displays.</li></ol>#:[[Image:IReportSubReport6.png|center|500px|''Use same connection'']]
[[Image:iRepStep03.png|center|500px|''Step 3 – Add Parameter to Sub-report'']]

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