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Modify an iReport Template

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Sorting and Grouping
#From the '''Report Inspector''', right-click on the top node of the Report.
#Select '''Add Report Group''' from the menu
#: [[Image:IReport Report Group1.png|center|200px|''Add a Report Group'']]<div align="center">''Add a Report Group''</div>
#Select a name for your Report Group and choose a field to group by (e.g. maAreaType to group by land classification). The name should be a meaningful name that allows you to easily identify the contents of the group such as the field on which the results are grouped
#: [[Image:IReport Report Group2.png|center|500px|''Create a Report Group'']]<div align="center">''Create a Report Group''</div>
# Choose '''Next''' and '''Finish'''.

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