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Modify an iReport Template

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Report Query Filtering
#To start using ImsmaQuery Language, first decide which field you want to include your filter. You may choose any field that is available on the data source to begin your filtering. As in most places in iReport fields are case sensitive. Therefore '''''localId''''' will work but '''''LocalId''''', '''''LocalID''''' and '''''localid''''' will all fail to filter the data.}}
#Next choose your operator. Valid operators include "=", "<", ">", "<>", and "LIKE" among others.
#Finally, select the value you want to use. Values in ImsmaQuery are always double quoted (e.g. "MF-HQ-1" or "MF-HQ-%"). In addition to constants in the value section, the LIKE operator can take % characters to represent wild cards. For example: localId LIKE "MF-HQ-1%" Further, parameters can be used in the ImsmaQuery to represent variables. These take the form: localId = "''$P{parametername}''" Finally, ImsmaQuery language can support the "IN" operator. The IN operation takes a comma separated, double quoted list, bounded by parentheses as it's value. As in: localId IN ("value1", "value2", "value3")
==the SQL Field==

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