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Modify an iReport Template

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Adding a Variable to an iReport Template
Often it is necessary to add a variable to an iReport template. Variables are used to store calculations and totals in an iReport template. They are often used in the Summary Band portion of a report to store sums of numeric fields (e.g. areaSize) or record counts. There are two main ways to add variables to an iReport template.
=====For numeric variables====
For variables that are numeric (area sizes, number of devices, etc):
# From the '''Report Inspector''', Select the field that you wish to sum or count.
#: [[Image:IReport VariableAdd2.png|center|300px|''Select aggregation function'']]<div align="center">''Choose the type of calculation''</div>
=====To add a variable manually=====
This may be required when adding more complicated variables such as variables designed to perform calculations on one or more fields or when using fields that are not numeric.
# From the '''Report Inspector''' '''right click''' on the '''Variable''' tree and choose '''Add Variable'''.
## Enter a '''Variable Expression'''. Normally this is simply selecting the field to be summed or counted (e.g. '''$F{areaSize}''')
#: [[Image:IReport VariableAdd5.png|center|300px|''Edit Variable Expression'']]<div align="center">''Edit Variable Expression''</div>
## Choose OK
# Drag the variable to iReport template as desired.

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