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Modify an iReport Template

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Adding a Parameter to an iReport Template
===Adding a Parameter to an iReport Template===
Adding It is sometimes necessary to add a parameter to an iReport template. Usually parameters are used for transferring data from a main report to a subreport. Below are the steps to add a parameter to an an iReport Template. # Right From the Report Inspector, '''right click -> Create ''' on the '''Parameter''' tree and choose '''Add Parameter'''.# : [[Image:IReport AddParameter1.png|center|250px|''Add Parameter'']]# In the '''Properties''' pane, enter a parameter name, leave type as string(e.g. ItemGUID} and edit any other properties. Normally it is not required to edit anything other than the name.#: [[Image:IReport AddParameter2.png|center|250px|''Add Parameter'']]
===Adding a Variable to an iReport Template===

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