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Modify an iReport Template

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Using the Report Query dialogue, you can select the option to Get Fields from Datasource Provider, which will automatically add all fields from the selected datasource to the report template. You can then remove any unwanted fields from the report {{warning | Make sure that the datasource selected in iReports corresponds to the data source for the report}} To add fields from the Report Query dialogue:
# Choose the Report Query button
# something:<div align="center">[[Image:IReport_ReportQueryButton.png‎|center|250px|''Report Query Button'']]''iReport Report Query Button''</div>#something elseFrom the Report Query Window, choose the '''Datasource Provider''' tab.#:[[Image:IReport_ReportQuery.png‎|center|400px|''Report Query Window'']]#:<div align="center">''Report Query Window''</div># Select the '''Get Fields From Datasource''' button.#:[[Image:IReport ReportQuery Datasource1.png|center|500px|''Datasource Fields'']]<div align="center">''Datasource Fields''</div># All fields will now be displayed. Unnecessary fields can be removed at this time. # Choose '''Ok''' to save the fields and return to the iReport Designer.
====Option 2====
Alternatively, you can create a new report template using the Wizard and add the desired fields to the new report. Fields can then be copied and pasted from the new report to the original report.
# Create a new report using the [[Create a Basic i-Report Template|iReport Wizard ]] and the same data source
# Select the desired fields and finish the report
# Using the Report Inspector, navigate to the desired fields
#Right click on the field and select copy.#:[[Image:IReport Field Copy.png|center|250px|''Field Copy'']]<div align="center">''Field Copy''</div>
# Navigate to the original report with the missing fields
# Right-click on the fields tree in Report Inspector and choose '''paste'''.
{{note | It is not recommended to the use the "Add Field" option from the Report Inspector due to the complexity of adding the correct field attributes and properties.}}

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