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Modify an iReport Template

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Adding a Field to an iReport Template
==Fields, Variables, and Parameters==
===Adding a Field to an iReport Template===
<p>If you need to include a field that was not selected while using the Report Wizard, you will need to know the name of the field that is used by the data sourcethere are several options for including additional fields. Find a list The definition of available field names by using the Report Wizard.</p> <p>To add a field to your report:</p><ol><li>From Option 1: Using the '''View''' menuReport Query dialogue, you can select the '''Fields''' option.</li>:A window displays three tabs (to Get Fieldsfrom Datasource Provider, Variables, and Parameters)which will automatically add all fields from the selected datasource to the report template.<li>From You can then remove any unwanted fields from the Fields tab, click report {{warning | Make sure that the '''New''' button.</li>:The Add/modify field window displays.<li>In datasource selected in iReports corresponds to the '''Field Name''' field, enter data source for the name of report}} To add fields from the field that you would like to include.</li>Report Query dialogue:<li>Click # Choose the '''OK''' Report Query button# something#something else.</li> Option 2:The field is included on Alternatively, you can create a new report template using the Fields tab.<li>Close Wizard and add the window that displays desired fields to the new report. Fields, Variables, can then be copied and Parameters tabs.</li><li>Reposition pasted from the fields on your new report as needed to accommodate the new fieldoriginal report.</li><li>Click # Create a new report using the [[Image:iRepF.png]] icon.</li>iReport Wizard and the same data source<li>Click # Select the detail section of desired fields and finish the report.</li><li>While holding down # Using the mouse buttonReport Inspector, drag the cursor navigate to form the rectangle which will contain desired fields#Right click on the new fieldand select copy.</li><li>Release # Navigate to the mouse buttonoriginal report with the missing fields# Right-click on the fields tree in Report Inspector and choose paste.</li> Option 3:A placeholder for Manually add the field is displayed in the design section of to the report. <li>Double-Fields can be added to the iReport template by:# Right click on the placeholder that was added for the field.</li>Report Inspector# Choose "Add Field"<li>Change # In the placeholder text so that Properties pane, enter the name of a field that you added is between exists on that datasource. '''Note: Fields are case sensitive.''' Make sure to select the correct data-type for the bracketsdata source.</li></ol>
===Adding a Parameter to an iReport Template===

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