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Create a Basic iReport Template

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XML and Preview Views
==XML and Preview Views==
In addition to the Designer View, iReport Designer provides 2 additional views, the XML View and the Preview. Using the XML View you can get an editable version of the .jrxml file created by iReport Designer. This is useful for troubleshooting specific problems with a report but is generally only for advanced users.
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[[Image:iReportXMLView.png|center|500px|''XML View'']]
The Preview view runs the current version of the iReport template and generates an output file with the results of the report. This is useful for ensuring that the report is function as desired prior to importing into {IMSMANG}}. This is the primary method for running iReport templates within the iReport Designer.
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[[Image:IReportPreview.png|center|500px|''Preview View'']]

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