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Create a Basic iReport Template

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<li>Click the '''Next''':
The window to group the report data displays. The [[Modify an iReport Template#Grouping and SortingSorting_and_Grouping|group by]] step allows you to list item records that have the same value for the selected group by field together in the report. The below figure illustrates an example of a report that groups its results by gazetteer. For more information on grouping, refer to Grouping.</ol> [[Image:iRep03.png|center|500px|''Figure 3. Group by example'']]
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{{note|If you choose to group the report data, you may also want to sort the data using the attribute. For more information on sorting, refer to Sorting[[Modify an iReport Template#Sorting_and_Grouping|sorting]].}}
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<li>Click the '''Next''' button.</li>The window to select a layout displays. The iReport wizard provides two layout options. The Columnar layout option displays the field names in one column and their corresponding report result in another column.</ol> [[Image:iRep04.png|center|500px|then ''Figure 4. Columnar layout'']]<div align="center">Finish''Figure 4. Columnar layout''</divli<p>The tabular layout option displays Wizard is complete and the field names across iReport template designer window is open. Depending on your selections your template will look different from the top of the page. The corresponding report results are displayed example below each field name.</p> [[Image:iRep05iReportHome1.png|center|500px|''Figure 52. Tabular layoutiReport Wizard - Final Step'']]
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''Figure 53. Tabular layout''</div> <ol start="7"><li>From the window to select a layout:</li><ol type="a"><li>Select the layout option.</li><li>Click the '''Next''' button.</li>:The window displays a message stating that you have successfully created a new report.</ol><li>Click the '''Finish''' button.</li>:The template for your report displays. <li>Ensure that the data source selected matches the item of the report.</li></ol> [[Image:iRep06.png|center|500px|''Figure 6. Report data sourceiReport Wizard - Final Step'']]<div align="center">''Figure 6. Report data source''</div> <ol start="11"><li>Click the [[Image:iRepCompile.png]] button to compile the report.</li>:The Save report window displays.<li>Enter a name for the report in the File name field.</li><li>If there are no compilation errors, click the [[Image:iRepRun.png]] button to run the report.</li>:The results of the report display in the iReport JasperViewer window. </ol>

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