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Create a Basic iReport Template

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''Figure 3. iReport Wizard - Step 4''
| align="center" | [[Image:iRepDLA.png]] || Indicates all fields from the report.
{{note|If you would like It is recommended to organise the report results by country structure areas, you should always include the country structure level by which you would like to group the results as one of the fields. Be aware that including the country structure level ''guid'' field in the when designing a report will return a string that contains all country structure levels above the selected level.}}
<ol start="5">
<ol type="a" start="2">
<li>Click the '''Next''' button.</li>:A window displays the selected fields. </ol> <li>Click the '''Next''' button.</li> The window to group the report data displays. The [[Modify an iReport Template#Grouping and Sorting|group by ]] step allows you to list item records that have the same value for the selected group by field together in the report. The below figure illustrates an example of a report that groups its results by gazetteer. For more information on grouping, refer to Grouping.

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