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Create a Basic iReport Template

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<li>From the Step 2. select fields screen:</li><ol type="a"><li>Select the attributes that you would like to include in desired Data Source for the report. and choose '''Error! Reference source not found.Next''' describes the available buttons.</li>
[[Image:iReport Wizard3.png|center|500px|''Figure 2. iReport Wizard - Step 3'']]
<div align="center">
''Figure 3. iReport Wizard - Step 3''
<ol start="5">
<li>Select the desired data fields for the report and choose '''Next'''</li>
[[Image:iReport Wizard4.png|center|500px|''Figure 2. iReport Wizard - Step 4'']]
<div align="center">
''Figure 3. iReport Wizard - Step 4''
{| class="wikitable" width="500"
| align="center" | [[Image:iRepLA.png]] || Removes the selected field from the report.
| align="center" | [[Image:iRepDLA.png]] || Indicates a tip for using IMSMAall fields from the report.

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