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<li>To disable the pan map control, select another GIS map control.</li>
The Go To Coordinates [[Image:CoordWinIcon.png]] button allows you to center the map on a specific set of coordinates in either WGS 1984 or MGRS format. You can also drop a visual pin at the specified coordinates for reference purposes (see How to drop a visual pin on the map), and zoom the map in or out centered on the coordinates (see How to zoom in to specific coordinates).
To recentre the map on specific coordinates:
<li>Click the [[Image:CoordWinIcon.png]] button.</li>
:The Recentre On Coordinates window displays.
<li>Select the coordinate reference system that you would like to use from the list.</li>
{{note|Depending on the coordinate reference system that you select, the window will differ in appearance.}}
[[Image:RecentreOnCoordinates.png|center|''Recentre On Coordinates Windows'']]
<div align="center">
''Recentre On Coordinates Windows''
<ol start="3">
<li>Enter the coordinates on which you would like to centre the map.</li>
<li>Click the '''Apply''' button.</li>
:The map recentres on the coordinates that you entered. The scale of the map will not change.
{{warning|The following error message indicates that you either did not enter coordinates, or the coordinates that you entered were not in a valid format.
:Invalid coordinate format.
Click the '''OK''' button and enter valid coordinates.}}
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