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Standardising Data Entry Forms

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==Design Concept==__NOEDITSECTION__
The Data Entry Form Template Designer is a “what–you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) application for creating data entry forms in IMSMA<sup>NG</sup>. With its the drag-and-drop capability, the Data Entry Form Template Designer lets information managers select from all of the data elements available in the Data Inventory Manager and position them on a template. Information managers can create wholly new data collection forms and forms that mimic existing paper forms using only the data elements that are valuable to their programme’s workflow. The resulting, streamlined templates—free from tabs and other confusing navigational concepts—can then be printed and used for data collection.
Because the design process is critical to the proper functioning of the information management system, IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> provides several capabilities to facilitate the design and sharing of Data Entry Form templates. Information managers can save drafts to the file system prior to publishing. These drafts stored in .FFML format can then be exchanged with other IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> users or IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> systems and be used to design other templates so information managers do not have to start with a blank template.

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