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Portal:Using IMSMA NG/Categories

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* [[Starting and Stopping IMSMANG|Starting and Stopping IMSMA]] - Learn how to start and stop IMSMA
* [[Viewing and Browsing in IMSMANG|Viewing and Browsing in IMSMA]] - Do not know how to view and browse in IMSMA?
* [[Entering Data into IMSMANG|Entering Data into IMSMA]] - Enter your first Learn how to do data after IMSMA installationentry; for more information on Auxiliary data [[Principles for Standardizing Auxiliary Data|'''click here''']]
* [[Reconciling and Approving Data in IMSMANG|Reconciling and Approving Data in IMSMA]] - Learn how to use reconciliation
* [[Importing and Exporting Data with IMSMANG|Importing and Exporting Data with IMSMA]] - Import or Export data

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