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Building Searches

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Data quality analysis searches help identify possible data problems and ensure that mine action programme-specific workflow steps are being followed. These searches can be used to help protect data integrity.
The search functionality is of In {{IMSMANG}} we refer to different typesof functionality in the Search menu:*'''simple ''' as in only one filter option may be used*'''advanced ''' as in more than one filter option may be used and complex critera using AND / OR is possible to define*'''saved ''' searches which are prepared by information managers for usage by all users.
Saved searches simplifies the user experience and ensures consistency of use by sharing identical searches with all users. Of cause all users have the possibility to saved searches which is a convenience so they may be way to re-useduse favourite searches.
Particularly, creating saved searches facilitate access to programme data and reporting is a key component of implementing and managing a mine action programme’s information workflow.

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