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IMSMA Staging Area

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==What's the IMSMA Staging Area?==
The IMSMA staging area is a ''flattened'' version of the IMSMA operational database. In terms of content, the data is an exact copy of the IMSMA database, but the structure is much less complex and therefore easier to query. While in the operational IMSMA database the core object data (e.g. the ID and name of a Land) is stored in one table (e.g. in the HAZARD table) and descriptive attributes (such as single- and multi-select standard and custom defined fields) are stored in separate tables, in the staging area all this information is available in one single table. Therefore, there is no need to write complex queries to get to the core information. Ultimately, reporting and data analysis tools can easily be connected to the staging area.<br />A staging area can be created out of an {{IMSMANG}} v.6 database.
==Structure of the IMSMA Staging Area==
===Flattening principles===
{{Warning|This section requires basic knowledge of the {{IMSMANG}} structure}}
The generation of the staging area follows the following principles, for all the tables:
* Standard text, numeric, and any single-select attribute values (known as '''imsmaenum''') are stored directly in the main table

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