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| group3 = [[Portal:IMSMA Administration/Customisation|Customizing IMSMA]]
|list3 = [[Principles for Standardizing Auxiliary Data]] · [[ Principles for Managing the Data Inventory Manager]] · [[Principles for Configuring the Items ID Generator]] · [[ Principles for Standardizing Data Entry Forms]] · [[Principles for Setting-up Maps]] · [[Principles for Building Searches]] · [[Principles for Standardizing Data Analysis and Information Reporting]] · [[Principles for Setting-up Current Views and other Display Preferences]] · [[Principles for Setting-up Decentralized Information Exchange]] · [[Principles for Defining Roles, Permissions and Users]] · [[Principles for Managing IMSMA Tools]]  · [[Principles for Documenting Customizations]] · [[Angela test]]
| group4 = [[Portal:IMSMA Administration/Maintenance|Maintaining IMSMA]]

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