Social Inclusion Information

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New 6.0.png These are new Victim fields in version 6.0.

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for inclusion into community.

Victim social inclusion.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Community Tried to Include Victim into Community Single-select community_tried_to_include_victim_into_community Yes No Answer CommunityTriedToIncludeVictimIntoCommunity
Day-to-day Activities Accessibility Single-select day_to_day_activities_accessibility Yes No Answer DayToDayActivitiesAccessibility
Day-to-day Activities Mobility Single-select day_to_day_activities_mobility Yes No Answer DayToDayActivitiesMobility
Day-to-day Activities Social Life Single-select day_to_day_activities_social_life Yes No Answer DayToDayActivitiesSocialLife
Family Tried to Include Victim into Community Single-select family_tried_to_include_victim_into_community Yes No Answer FamilyTriedToIncludeVictimIntoCommunity
Feels Included in Society Single-select feels_included_in_society Yes No Answer FeelsIncludedInSociety
Fitness Sports Multi-select Fitness Sports FitnessSports
Social Inclusion Comment Text social_inclusion_comment SocialInclusionComment