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The Data Entry Form templates listed in the My Templates folder of the elements pane in the Data Entry Form Template Designer window are the templates that you have created. Each of these templates has an associated XML or FFML file located in the C:\IMSMAng\client\FormTemplates\MyTemplates folder.

Note.jpg These steps are done outside of IMSMA.

To share a template with other sites using IMSMA:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate the files in the C:\IMSMAng\client\FormTemplates\MyTemplates folder that are associated with the Data Entry Form template(s) that you would like to share.
  3. E-mail the Data Entry Form template’s XML file(s) to the person(s).
  4. The person receiving the file(s) will need to copy the file(s) into their C:\IMSMAng\client\FormTemplates\MyTemplates folder. After the file(s) have been copied into the folder, open the Template Designer and the shared the Data Entry Form template are available in the My Templates node.
Note.jpg A few important notes:
  • Templates can be shared even if they are not published.
  • The file can be renamed but it must have an .ffml extension. Renaming the file also changes the file name in the My Templates folder.
  • When sharing Data Entry Form templates, the CDFs and option selection must be reconciled during publishing.